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Mark Troyer In 2001, after 3 years learning the ropes from the Top Advisor with Lincoln Financial, Mark set out on his own to found Never Lose Financial, a unique financial firm specializing in growing clients assets, with NO RISK! As such, no client has ever lost a dime at Never Lose Financial! Mark grew up in the small town of Topeka, Indiana and now lives near Leo with his wife of 14 years Stephanie and their two boys Luke and Zack. As a family they love adventures, sports, and reading! 

Never Lose Financial is a unique Financial Advisory firm dedicated to Safe Money. We fully believe that your retirement nest egg is far too important to takes risks with. We focus on making sure that your accounts with us are Safe, Secure, and Guaranteed...while maintaining the ability to grow. Fun fact: in over 12 years no client has ever lost a dime with us.

For all of our clients we agree to do three things: 

1. Keep Safety First

2. Agree to achieve a Reasonable Rate of Return


We do this utilizing the following strategies:

* A Tax-Free Income you can't outlive

* Guaranteed accounts that go UP when the stock market does, but NEVER go down in value.

* Social Security Income Planning

* Avoiding Probate

* Low and NO cost Long Term Care coverage

* Estate Planning/Efficient Wealth Transfer.

The bottom line is: we help you protect and keep your money. We don't ever want to see you lose it. And although we love this great country we live in...we don't want you to give up more money to the government than you have to.

We really are a different group of advisors. Give us a call and see if we might be a good fit.

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