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Final Expense Life Insurance


For many of us, the strongest relationship developed throughout our lifetime is the one with our family. Our life insurance products allow you to provide for your family, even after you die. By planning ahead you can free your loved ones from financial burden and leave yourself with peace of mind. Our life insurance products provide you with affordable rates and an immediate decision at the point-of-sale. 

Single-Premium Whole Life Final Expense Insurance

Our Assurance One single-premium final expense life insurance is a simple way to cover final expenses and simultaneously increase the value of your estate immediately.

Level Premium Whole Life Final Expense Insurance

Our Assurance final expense life insurance is an economical way to alleviate your loved ones from dealing with expenses left behind at the time of your death.

Single Premium Life Insurance

Our Advance Wealth Transfer single premium life insurance allows you to protect your financial legacy and transfer wealth without income tax and probate consequences.

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